The Flower Family These Blossoms Form

I love the way this flower has its tiny children growing up right next to it. The small green flowers are transforming into bright new adults. I enjoy the way they form their own family right in their tiny pot of soil.



What The Colors Say About the Flower

I think the colors in these flowers each represent something. For example, the red represents the flower’s strength and power. The green stem represents its ability to stand up by its self. The orange represents it’s intelligence and confidence. And the yellow represents its mellow soft side to it. I really love the way the colors in this flower speak to me.


What I Learned About Making Photos Stronger

This year, I learned many things about how to make a photo stronger. One very important thing is cropping. Chopping a picture makes sure the viewer gets the gist of the image. Another thing that is very useful in some cases, for example our bio page, is getting rid of a background in a photo. This also improves the likelihood of the viewer really understanding what you, the artist, is trying to say because it deletes any other confusion or distraction. Lastly, we learned how to use a filter to enhance the image and make it more interesting. In this photo, I separated the picture into random uneven boxes and applied a different filter to them. I thought that was a very cool trick we learned in Photo Shop this year.

major ps change

How I can Improve My Photos

I think I can improve on taking my photos by trying to get the camera to focus on one specific part of the flower, I think that will make the photo more appealing. Another thing I think I can change to improve my selection of photos is getting a really good close up. I didn’t really get one this time but I am sure I will try to get one next time!


Why I Chose This Subject

I chose this subject because I love the way flowers look in the spring. The way their color is bright and rich, the way they tilt their little faces up towards the sun, and the way you can watch the progression from a small bud, to a large bright luscious flower. This red-orange flower always stood out to me because of its bright color but small size. Something about it has always inspired me.


Where I Found These Flowers

I found my flowers out on my front porch. Every year, my dad buys tons of bright blooming flowers for our yard and deck. I love that time of year because the flowers always make me smile. These amazing flowers were among the bunch that my dad got this year.